Pet Massage

Pet Massage and Hydrotherapy

Club Canine Kennel’s mission is to provide exceptional care for all dogs: big and small; 116young and old;  in good health or who need some extra TLC. That’s why we offer pet massage and hydrotherapy for all dogs. Just like their human companions, all dogs can benefit from the healing powers of massage.

Puppies: Increases body awareness and enhances balance while they are rapidly developing. Can minimize destructive energy while encouraging proper behavior . Will also enhance the natural bond between you and your pet promoting obedience and loyalty.

Show dogs: By stimulating circulation, show dogs will have a more natural and healthy coat. Massage and Hydrotherapy will assist in alleviating stress and nervousness that are often symptoms of public performance.

Agility/working dogs: Soothes stiff or strained muscles and restores range of motion and flexibility thereby preventing injury, prolonging livelihood, and accelerating recovery.
Your ol’ couch potato pups or overweight pets: Restores and stimulates blood flow to underused muscles, encouraging their use and returning your pet to a more healthy, invigorated lifestyle.

Recently adopted/shy/nervous dogs: Helps to develop socialization and trust through human touch which is very important to overcoming behavioral and emotional problems.

Pre and post surgery: Prepares the body for the trauma of surgery in order to aid in the recovery process. The importance of relaxation before surgery is well documented to have substantial health benefits just as massage post surgery is equally important in minimizing scare tissue development, discomfort, and promoting a speedy recovery.

Aging dogs: Increases body awareness, balance, and range of motion. Massage can eliminate major pains, thereby creating a better quality of life. Allows organs and circulation to continue functioning properly which in turn maintains bone density, muscle mass, tendon elasticity, and ligament strength to stabilize and support the body.

What ever stage or circumstance your pet finds itself, massage can lead to a better and happier future!


  • Pet massage – $45 depending on distance traveled
  • Swimming/Hydrotherapy – $50 (1962 Snow Point Ln)
  • River Swim – $30 Rivanna River or Chris Green Lake