Personalized Dog Boarding  

Club Canine Kennel is conveniently located off Route 250 next to CVS and Tractor Supply Co. in Charlottesville, VA. We are only 5 -10 minutes from interstate 64, depending on traffic. We deliver individualized attention in a homey atmosphere unlike your typical “kennel”.  While staying with us, your dog will receive:

  • A private room ranging in size from 6′ by 8′ to 10′ by 8′ with over-sized windows and plenty of natural light
  • We will adjust any room to your pets specific need to ensure the most comfortable stay. Feel free to bring anything you want for your pet to have in his/her own room. Bed, blanket, towels, shirt, toys and/or treats. Please keep in mind that dogs can make messes and if things get destroyed or messed on, Club Canine IS NOT responsible! In other words, do not bring his/her $100 bed or favorite “baby”.
  • Breakfast (6a-8a) and Dinner (5p-7p) – we encourage you to bring your own dog food so we can keep up with regularity. We feed twice a day unless otherwise noted by  your Veterinarian, or if your dog is under 6 months of age. You can bring whole bags for longer stays or individualized baggies for a few nights, please bring extra just in case of emergencies or changes in your schedule. Please understand that our faculty has a huge passion for the healthy well being of all dogs. If we see that your dog may be starting to put on a couple pounds, we will communicate with you our concern, and work together with you to help your dog become healthier. All dogs are different just as humans are, so we understand special diets and respect your choices.
  • Medications – We do not charge for giving medications.
  • If you do not want your dog to participate in doggie daycare, then your dog will have be able to relieve him/herself, 4 to 5 times a day before bedtime. We strongly encourage doggie daycare for sleepovers at an additional $10 a day.
  • At Club Canine we have rules, following the rules come with rewards, so yes, your fur baby will get a little spoiled. If you have diet restrictions please bring your own treats and let us know the diet restriction so they do not feel left out.
  • Our low ratio of pet care professionals to ensure your best friend receives quality care and plenty of one-to-one attention.


Boarding/sleepover paying with a credit card – $32 plus tax

Boarding/sleepover paying with cash – $30

Daycare if already boarding/sleepover – additional $10

River walk – $10 for 30 minute walk on river or to tractor supply if raining.

Swimming session –  $40 time varies with your dogs ability. Swimming takes place at Aqua Clean Pool Service across town on Avon st ext or we will take them to the Rivanna River(across street) or Chris Green Lake(near c-ville airport) for exercising . We will transport the dogs if they are being boarded or we can meet at Aqua Clean if you would like to watch. Megan does Hydrotherapy for those dogs needing therapy, such as ACL injuries, hip dysplasia, flat feet, etc.

One-on-one play time –  $10 for 15 – 20 minutes. One on one play could mean anything you want. Sometimes we will bring your dog up to the office and have one on one time there. Other times it means we go outside and lay in the grass and play with a toy. Every so often we take them over for socialization inside of Tractor Supply. If you have an older dog that just needs some extra loving, we will go cuddle with them in their own bed.

Please browse our website to learn more about Club Canine Kennel’s other services such as Doggie Day Care and Pet Massage or call to ask questions.  You may also click here to view our policies.



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